While others were busy creating new names for fancy fabrics, we have been re-inventing mens underwear from the inside out – and it will never be the same again! We believe nature is the ultimate designer and the human body is one of nature's prime creations. We studied nature and re-envisioned what is closest to us in order to create the world’s most logical mens underwear.

Mister Maginsky believes that male underwear should be logical and geared towards the male anatomy, which is why today, his underwear is different.

Mister Maginsky underwear separates, and thereby liberates, what has always been separated by nature yet barbarically trapped by human fashion.


Basically nature has already designed human body to perfection, Mister Maginsky followed and created the two-compartment mens underwear. Simple&Smart&Logical.

On the inside, Mister Maginsky underwear employs a patented solution that separates your two male parts (the twins from the king, the king gets his own room:) in a way that promotes active flexibility and bodily hygiene. You ought to keep them separated.

Order, notes Mister Maginsky, equals hygiene, and both should be top priorities in every gentleman’s life.

Mister Maginsky enjoys knowing that his underwear, which is now available to all gentlemen in-the-know, is smart on the inside rather than only attractive on the outside. The essence of masculinity, after all, is not about shallow fashion, but intelligence and sophistication, don’t you agree?

We re-invented your underwear. No sweat, no sticking, literally; have all your things perfectly aligned, at all times.

Grab a double-pack today to let your body and mind adjust to the new way of normal.

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Mister Maginsky Ltd
62 Wilson Street
London, UK

Patents (in force):
USA patent: US 9,486,370
European patent: EPO 2597978

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 814739

US patent quote: 

“The peni* and the testicl** are constantly in contact, which is not good from the hygienic and health points of view. Due to their position male parts are constantly exposed to sweating, the negative effect comes also from the drops of urine remaining after urination. By constant contact and rubbing, the peni* additionally warms the testicl**. Underwear clinging tightly to the body also causes unpleasant constricting of the peni* and the testicl**.The invention enables the testicl** to retain their normal position between the legs, physically separated from the peni* which is situated in a separate space, so that the peni* neither presses, warms nor rubs the testicl**.